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What's New?

I'm in the process of updating my website. It'll have a whole new look -- shiny and pretty. And a little sassy too because that's just who I am. So come back soon to see the new 'do!

I've added an entirely new section on Domestic Abuse. It's a subject important to me because of my personal history, and it's a primary theme in East of Jesus.

I've posted an updated version of East of Jesus, the novel I expect to sell first. If you're interested in seeing how a chapter changes during revision, you can see the old, archived version here.

Looking for my essay, "What We Want for Our Daughter"? Just click the link.

If you write fiction, check out Tools for Writers, an online version of a hand-out (with links!) from a two-hour workshop I gave on Novel Plotting and Structure.

What I'm Working on

I'm querying agents about East of Jesus and finishing the first draft of Some People Know Things, about a mentally disabled young girl who helps a young man with Down syndrome hide from the police after he mistakenly believes he has committed a crime.

What I'm Doing

Working through The Artist's Way with a couple of local writers. Carpooling children to school and fencing. Learning finger style on the guitar.

What I'm Reading

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. We're big fans of John Green in this household, ever since I stumbled across his YouTube discussion of healthcare in the United States. Since then, my son has spent hours watching the vlog brothers and SciShow. With the impending release of the Fault in Our Stars movie, my friends are all talking about the story -- and they insisted I read the book.

Next up is a brand new book by one of my very favorite authors (probably my VERY favorite): Golden State by Michelle Richmond. In fact, Mr. Green is at serious risk of being set aside momentarily, but I'm sure I'll be finished with Golden State within twenty-four hours. Thirty-six tops!

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